Professional networking

"You can get everything you want in life if you will just help other people get what they want."

Zig Zigler

As it is commonly known, many collaboration opportunities, creative ideas and job offers get mentioned in more informal enviroments. Therefore, in addition to organising our educational events, we undertake various types of networking initiatives to meet the needs and interests of our members.

“PPM Activate!” second meeting

Great thanks to all participants to our recent "PPM Activate!" meeting - for sharing such interesting business ideas, inspiring stories about your career paths and very useful know how. Stay tuned, as we are already planning further steps to support you in...

New initiative “PPM ACTIVATE!”

We are excited that also our other new initiative "PPM ACTIVATE!" has been received so well. This project is designed to support in various ways all those members of Polish Professionals in Madrid who have the courage to pursue their dream of launching their own...

For entrepreneurs

PPM Activate!

This is an initative for those members who start their own business projects, enter new markets with their products and services, or dream about starting their own business in the future. Through our regular meetings as well as through our social platforms the PPM members share their ideas, experience and information related to starting and running a business in Spain.

We connect people

PPM & Friends

To this date we have organised tens of networking events in a form of afterwork meetups, giving our members a great opportunity to establish new business connections, as well as to exchange experience and information, particularly useful for those living and working in a foreign country.


As part of our PPM&Health programme, focused on a healthy lifestyle and networking, PPM organised an active picnic of the PPM members. There were dozens of people – not only members of our association but also their families, friends and even… pets! Those who...

Active PPM Picnic in Retiro Park

The third event from the cycle “PPM & Health”, devoted to healthy lifestyle and outdoors activities led by our professional trainers and enthusiasts of healthy living from My Life Square.

“PPM&Health” outdoor activities.

Taking advantage of our members’ potential we have launched a new project: "PPM&Health" involving outdoor activities coordinated by our professional trainers: Michał Wojciechowski and Alicja Wojciechowska, and our healthy life style enthusiasts from...

For health

PPM & Health

The cycle of meetings PPM & Health is something for sport and outdoors lovers: it gives our members a chance to start new friendships and aquaintences in outdoor settings, during active ‘picnics’ (with trainings, yoga and zumba classes), canoeing trips and mountain hikes. It is also a wonderful opportunity for children of our members to get to know each other.


Theme parties

A Carnival party in Madrid with some Polish music? Or a fancy dress event with costumes from the communist times? Why not?! In our events calendar there is a place for such events, too!


On the 27th and 28th August, 2021, in Tarnów (Poland), the 6th Economic Forum of the Polish Community in the World took place. Among the guests and participants there were local authorities, members of trade and industrial organisations and entrepreneurs, including...

XIII Spanish-Polish Summit

On May 30 this year, the day before the 13th Spanish-Polish Intergovernmental Summit, a meeting was held at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Madrid with the participation of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Ambassador Marzenna Adamczyk, Consul of the...

Presentation of our activities at the Polish Embassy

Once again we had the great honour to present our activities at the Polish Embassy. All kind words regarding our initiatives received from Her Excellency Marzenna Adamczyk and other distinguished guests from the Embassy, the Consulate and the Polish Investment and...


Official meetings with representatives of public institutions

Several times our members had an honour to participate in meetings with representatives of the Polish Embassy in Madrid, in which we had a pleasure to present our projects and to meet representatives of Polish public institutions in Spain.

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