Polish Professionals in Madrid

"People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Polish professionals in Madrid in their professional, business and life challenges.

Our Vision

Our vision is the global integration of Polish professionals working outside of Poland, based on:

  • shared experiences in the contemporary working environment
  • pride in our professional skills widely appreciated by employers and business partners, developed at least partially within the Polish education system,
  • cooperation and supporting each other in professional and business challenges outside of our home country

About us

The Polish Professionals in Madrid (PPM) association is an independent, non-profit organization whose main goal is to integrate Polish professionals living permanently or temporarily in Madrid and its vicinity,as well as to exchange knowledge and experiences among its members.

Our Members

PPM brings together Poles who are proud of their origin and care for a positive image of Poland through their attitude, professionalism and high personal culture.

Currently, we have almost 400 members from different sectors. Our association is constantly growing and members of PPM include engineers, entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, lawyers, translators, IT specialists, artists, architects, recruiters, representatives of the financial, marketing and entertainment industry. Membership in PPM is free, and anyone who meets the membership criteria can become a member 

Our Projects

The PPM association organizes different meetings such as workshops, discussions, seminars, conferences, training sessions and integration and networking meetings on a regular basis. You can find a full description of our activities in the “Our work” tab.

How we work

Participation in all our projects is free of charge.
All our activities are carried out thanks to PPM volunteers, as well as external individuals, companies or institutions, who also share their knowledge, experience and resources with our members voluntarily.

Strength in numbers!

PPM members are Poles with many years of professional experience, representing various industries and positions. Our members have been living in Spain for different periods of time. In addition to exchanging knowledge about the work environment and professional experience, PPM members help each other in various aspects related to work and life in Spain, from administrative matters to cultural and organizational issues in the everyday life.

Professional and business contacts

As part of organized projects and through a number of other activities and programs, our organization allows us to constantly connect our members with each other, as well as with external entities (public institutions, companies and recruitment agencies) to promote a higly qualified group of Polish professionals.
Learn more in the “Our work” tab.

PPM for Poland and Polish diaspora

PPM members actively participate in events promoting Poland as a partner for international business and in projects promoting knowledge about Poland and its culture. We are also proud of the “PPM My Mentor” program for Polish young people, where PPM members share their professional experiences and tips. See more: www.mentor.ppm.org.es.

Beyond our local community, we provide advice to our fellow citizens in other cities and countries to inspire and support them in creating similar initiatives in other places.





Management Board

Board members combine their regular professional work with their passion for PPM mission through daily voluntary work for the Association.

The role of the Management Board is to set the direction for the development of the PPM association and to create valuable content for its members by planning and organizing our activities.

The Management Board is in constant communication with PPM members and external entities (companies, public institutions and other Polish organizations) in order to implement the mission and vision of PPM.

The management board also represents the PPM association externally.

Patrycja Sałacińska-Kone

Patrycja Sałacińska-Kone


Damian Nalewajka

Damian Nalewajka

Wojtek Nodzyński

Wojtek Nodzyński

Aleksandra Machnicka

Aleksandra Machnicka

“Thinking always ahead, thinking always of trying to do more, brings a state of mind in which nothing is impossible. The moment one gets into the ‘expert’ state of mind a great number of things become impossible.”

Henry Ford