Nov 30, 2023

If you think you can’t go wild and dance to the Polish music in the centre of Madrid, think again! 🙂 And if you want to see it, watch the footage by TVP Polonia (WATCH HERE👉 https://shorturl.at/cGNY5) because this year, even television was present at our St. Andrew’s party! 🙂

We organised Polish St. Andrew’s party (Andrzejki) for the second time, and we already know it won’t end with just two rounds. The turnout was great: there were more than 80 people! There was no end to dancing to Polish music! It was clear that ‘wallflowers’ are an endangered species in PPM because everyone succumbed to the incredible hot atmosphere of the evening. Besides, our member, Champion of Poland in our national dances and dance instructor Marcin Naskręt (to whom we are really grateful for getting the party rolling!) taught us to dance cheerful “belgijka”, hot salsa and beautiful flamenco! Now, we can confidently enter the competition for the most dance-filled association!

It’s a pity that we have to wait for the next St. Andrew’s party until next year…but meanwhile, we’ll surely come up with and organise other interesting meetings and events! For example, in January, Marcin is launching the Polish Dance Club, a project that PPM together with the Polish School Forum strongly support and we already invite everyone to join!


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