Sep 14, 2022

Once again, together with our member and psychotherapist Marta Kosiorek, we organised internships for students of psychology. This time, with Klaudia Pawlos and Wojtek Radziszewski from The University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, we recorded three podcasts entitled „Emigration with PPM”. They deal with psychological aspects of living abroad. Joanna Reiter (intercultural coach) shared her knowledge about intercultural competences and cooperation between people from different cultures, Patrycja Sałacińska-Kone (our president and life coach) talked about the third culture kids and multicultural identity and Boguslaw Antropow (business consultant and founder of Tedalian) about business for emigrants. We hope that these interesting issues as well as our members’ experience in these matters will be a helpful inspiration for our fellow countrymen living abroad.



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