Dec 11, 2021

We have launched a series of meetings with students of Polish schools in Madrid, promoting our program “PPM Mój Mentor” (My Mentor). Prior to the meeting the oldest students participated in a survey which helped us recognise their interests and needs. On December 11, at Polish School “Forum”, four of our mentors spoke about their own educational and professional doubts and choices, and current job market situation. They encouraged the students to keep working on their language skills and effectively use the advantages of growing up in two cultures. Our next inspiring meeting will be held in January! Our mentors were: Piotr Bodak (film editor), Michał Bordas Prószyński (lawyer), Agnieszka Sobolewska (tourist guide) and Magda Kosiorek (psychologist), and the meeting was organised by Emilia Pallado in cooperation with “Forum” Polish School – we would like to thank all of them!


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