“How to take advantage of professional knowledge and experience to create new business relationships?”

Dec 3, 2020

Emil Łężak shared an online webinar on the role of innovation in business development and raising public funds to develop new projects.

Emil showed us how we can raise funds to develop a new project. In addition, we learned whether the concept of innovation applies only to the fields of technology and science, and how to use our knowledge and professional experience to create new business relationships.

For many years, Emil has been involved in the use of innovative solutions in various fields (including engineering, IT, medicine, education, finance, environmental protection, logistics, health and many others), aimed at the dynamic development of companies and the increased competitiveness in the market, that is, the webinar was shared by a professional. The talk also focused on existing opportunities, business development through the use of innovative solutions and how to apply for funding from local and international grant programs. He shared it while passing examples of so-called “Success stories” and good practices in preparing applications for funding.

Thank you very much Emil for such an interesting and professional presentation!


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